The initial situation:

The customer in this project is a major airline who already had a web site which offered booking for desktop browsers. However each step for this classic approach demanded for the user was too complicated to put it in a mobile site so a new design was required. Seating plans of a plane also do not fit on a small mobile screen.

Kicking off

Together with the marketing department we started to design wireframes to lay out the steps for a mobile site. There where two milestones planned:

  1. The main booking engine
  2. Booking of extra services like seat reservation, extra luggage, meals etc.

Implementation for mobile devices

The customer didn't have the manpower to concentrate on a mobile site for the time of implementation so we stepped in and took over the project. Every two or three weeks we checked progress and open tasks with senior project management and marketing.

Milestone Reached

Four month later the main booking was finished and tested by the e-commerce department. Four more month later the whole site went live. Everything was delivered in time and in budget.

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