Initial Situation

The company we helped succeed in their business is a real-estate investment company that regularly buy buildings or condominiums to resell or to lease those objects.

To be up-to-date for acquiring buildings offered in compulsory auctions they were manully browsing the lists offered on web pages by the government.

Individual Crawler as a solution

The tracking of the customer was simplified with a web-crawler that goes through the auctions and transports the address, evaluated price, object data and auction date/time into their database where the person in charge can mark interesting objects for further processing.

Three Month later

The solution was implemented with JAVA and hosted on premise. The features included:

  • The application is automatically browsing the target page discovering objects and collecting data
  • Authentication/Authorization using their companies directory for users to log in
  • Every week the persons in charge get an e-mail with new auctions in their area
  • Users can mark "interesting" objects for further processing
  • History of auctions available with expert report and object data and can be inspected with a simple click

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