Emmergency Contract for Distress-Call-Center-Software

Our customer in this success story is a large European group for electronic systems.

The (sub-)business of the customer

Our customer developed an emergency call center system for public authorities, large private corporations and security service providers. In addition to the electronic components, the company also supplies software that is designed to make operation as easy as possible for the user. We were engaged to handle the software part of the system.

The Initial Situation 2015

The project had been running for several years and a lot of money was burned. The nerve-racking development process put people in a bad mood. Many people came and went, knowledge disappeared irretrievably. The mistakes became more frequent. We were hired so that the project could finally be completed.

The Solution 2016-2017

The world had continued to turn. In this project even much further.

  • The development process was changed to agile. Scrum masters were used to support the team in becoming independent. The team got real competence
  • Knowledge was distributed in the team, new features were discussed with the developers before they were developed. Thus the product vision was distributed and could be carried by all. In addition, there was valuable feedback, which made the feature ideas even more mature
  • Design of faulty components was revised (Model-View-Presenter paradigm)
  • Consistent tests were written on different levels
  • Developers carried out tool-supported code reviews, thus errors were discovered or avoided

The success 2017

  • The mood in the team became better due to the development process change, the people remained loyal to the customer
  • Test coverage and quality increased significantly
  • The product was delivered to the customer at the end of 2017

Key to success

  • Give real competence, distribute knowledge, let all developers participate
  • Optimization of the design for the problem
  • Creating transparency

These are all the values that have turned even small garage stalls into big companies.

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