Your sucess story with us!

If you are already using a spreadsheet, this is a good start. However, a spreadsheet is only the second best solution for any problem. We will create a software according to your wishes and needs of your company.

  • It will be tested to the highest quality standards
  • Provides access management
  • Central data storage
  • Historization of data records
  • If required, you can allow your customers to access specific areas, e.g. a created offer or B2B prices
  • The application can be accessed via the Internet if required (useful if customers access it)
  • Integration into your existing software systems

Or you need a new representative office on the net and we can therefore use customized software off the shelf:

  • Liferay Enterprise Content Management System (useful for small and medium-sized companies or if there is a great need for integration into existing IT systems)
  • Typo 3 web page

We would be happy to advise you personally - just contact us!

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